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Everyone can access the Catalog as a Guest, you can английские токены directly to the Display Tokens page. If you английские токены tokens and like what you see, please register.

Registration allows me to know how many different people are using my website and allows you to make contributions to the database. If you want to help with this project, have questions or comments, I would love to hear from you. I need images of any token missing from the catalog. Contributions from all states are welcome.

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Together we can make an awesome catalog. Thanks for taking a look, Richard A note about token attributions where the tokens were used Contributions can английские токены made by anyone. Sometimes a lot of research goes into trying to figure out where a specific token was used. Are there references shown with the listings? Are the listings included in other catalogs?

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Does it make sense? How You Can Help - Register! Use the Report Error button if английские токены see something wrong with a description. If you have additional information to share, use the Add Английские токены Info button. Registered users can add images to existing listings and add missing listings.

Tell me how I can make this database more useful to you. My goal is to create an online public catalog of all known Trade Tokens. The first records were added to the английские токены on September 2, I have been collecting all my life, but it was a long time before I discovered trade tokens.

When I first started looking at tokens, I английские токены how old they were, who used them and where they were made. When I read the reference material, I wonder how they figured stuff out. I hope to grow this web site into a place where this information can be collected and shared. I would like to document the attribution of these tokens. This is английские токены discovery process for me and I want the results of that process to be available to others if they are interested.

I am trying to create the tool I wish was already available when I started collecting tokens.

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It has been designed to support multiple английские токены, multiple states and multiple users. Individuals can see their specific collections and a unified public catalog is presented.

Select Your Price not required to download Questions or problems, please send e-mail rgreever hotmail. Same site, but aware of your screen size. Astwood is английские токены on the site. November 28, - Luke Johnson reports he has finished listing английские токены Nebraska catalog onto the site. Thank you Luke! November 27, - Today, we crossed themark for United States tokens listed on the site!

A big THANK YOU to all who have supported the site - registered users, of which have contributed images and listings, the eBay sellers who have granted permission to use their images and everyone else who uses the site. Thank you all for your help and support to make the site what it is today. January 05, - Today, английские токены crossed tomark for tokens listed on the site!

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Английские токены you Bob! This award is shared by everyone who has contributed to the sitefor without you, it would not have been possible. Curto, pioneering английские токены author and cataloger.

The purpose of the award is to encourage excellence in the research and cataloging of trade tokens and is presented each year for the best publication on tokens published during the previous calendar year.

December 25, - We crossed thelisting mark today. We are now atattributions fordifferent token descriptions some tokens have multiple attributions. As I suspected It was Tom Carson, adding Masonic tokens to the database, which pushed us past this milestone. Thank you to all who have contributed to the success of цифрового криптовалюта site.

June 28, - MapIt2is the second generation of the token distribution mapping feature. MapIt, английские токены previously released, was only capable of grouping by state.

MapIt2 provides town level detail. The GPS coordinates of over 25, localities which issued tokens across the US have been loaded into the database. Localities are plotted as circles, английские токены the size of the circle being based on the total count of tokens from that location. You can apply any search condition and then display the results. I am currently limiting plots to search английские токены with less than 50, results.

This is closer to the feature Английские токены was originally hoping to implement, but there are still a few things английские токены need work.

Название и отличие от других токенов[ править править код ] Коллекционирование жетонов приобрело популярность уже вскоре после их чеканки, английские токены чему в современных коллекциях встречаются образцы в хорошей сохранности. Недостаток монет[ править править код ] В Великобритании нехватка монет мелкого достоинства впервые была отмечена ещё в конце XIV века. Такая нехватка затрудняла оплату труда рабочих и выполнение операций повседневной жизни. Нехватка монет мелкого номинала достигла критической массы в те времена, когда множество бывших крестьян и сельскохозяйственных батраков перешли английские токены на фабрики во время промышленной революции. Поскольку заводы уже не могли, как в деревне, оплачивать работу натурой, работодатели испытывали растущую потребность в наличной монете [5].

Английские токены need to find a mapping package which lets the user save the results. Google Maps is doing the plotting, but saving the result is not permitted. Please let me know if you find the feature at all useful or interesting. You must be logged in to access April 25, - MapIt!

If mapping is available for your query results, a MapIt! Click on the button and a map will open on a new page. The page may take several seconds to display. I just have to pass it the state counts. December 18, - Hank Thoele reports that all the tokens listed in the Johnson catalog for Wisconsin, are now entered into the TokenCatalog website.

Another great milestone for the users of website. Thanks Hank! This category includes bullion pieces minted in any metal. Registered users can exclude the listing of these pieces by setting their Preferences on Display Tokens. October 13, - Today we crossed another milestone for USA listings -listings. March 20, - new Missouri listings have been added to the site.

This first update is from a listing provided by Larry. We will be working английские токены merge any duplicate listings which were created and begin to review the Missouri tokens listed on the site, which were not included on this initial list - these will now appear as Unlisted. Bruce Smith is working on the final updates to his list, and additional listings and attribution information will be coming soon.

Thank you Larry and Bruce! Peter Spooner, the author of the Arizona token catalog, requested their removal. We will continue to list tokens from any state, as our contributors add what interests them Peter and I continue ongoing discussions to reach a mutual agreement. March 12, - A while back, I received a comment from John Mutch - "I think that it английские токены be very worthwhile to have some indication on the Display Tokens pages when there are other английские токены available.

английские токены

Or there are ancillary images to add to the story". March 05, - Hank Thoele английские токены he went thru the book by Vacketta, and entered all the Chicago "good for" tokens he had cataloged. I think the street names alone will help attribute hundreds maybe thousands of mavericks tokens in the future.

Just finished that project today. February 22, - Our ,th listing was added today. Richard Hanson is currently adding Colorado listings, and this pushed us across английские токены new milestone.

Thank you Richard and all the other contributors to the site.

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Montana now has listings online. January 03, - Happy New Year!


We enter the new year with more thanlistings andimages from across the globe. More than 50, listings were added last year. More than 30, new images were loaded. We have more than английские английские токены, users registered on the site. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this site into what it has become.

Join the fun. It is английские токены YOU make it. After this английские токены month effort, Iowa now английские токены more the 21, listings online. October 13, - David Burk has provided a couple reference documents which may be of interest to some. Known Civil War Patriotic Token die pairs. Both of these documents are available to registered users under the Additional Info tab.

First copy printed in August. June 18, - Die names and usage dates have been added to all the part incuse tokens made by St. Louis Missouri token makers. The date information was taken from the article written by Bruce W. Smith - Dating the St. Louis Made Part Incuse Tokens. There appears to have also been an earlier version of английские токены article, dated which is referenced in some of the notes associated with the listings. New information has come to light since the original publication, and has been английские токены into the posted dates where known.

The die names were created for use on this site, all start "SL-" for Saint Louis. There are more than of the St. May 21, - Our ,th listing was английские токены today. May 13, - The ,th image was loaded today! We should hitlistings by the end of the month: February 18, - John Byars has provided access to the compiled information collected from the Ingle Customer Ledger. All imaged Ingle System tokens have been updated with their order number and shipping information.

Some new mavericks have been attributed and a few have had their английские токены corrected. If you can contribute images of any non-imaged Ingle token, you would be helping continued research to correctly attribute all Ingle tokens. Thank you John! October 07, - I английские токены assigned dates for many of the Slug Plate dies and some of the Billiard Maker reverse dies. These dates should help in validating existing attributions and narrowing the search range for discovering new attributions.

This is a work in process, but thought everyone would benefit from making the information available. Use Search All if you want to find all английские токены in the database. You must be logged in to see the date английские токены.

If you have questions, or notice errors, please let me know.

Томск Норвич. Столица графства Норфолк, расположенного в Восточной Англии. Население города составляет жителей.

More information will be available soon. April 22, - Larry Oller, one of the authors of the Kansas Trade Tokens catalog, has provided a list of tokens which were not included in the original catalog. If вулкан трейд опционы would like a list of just these tokens, английские токены on this link - Unlisted Kansas.

This list contained just under tokens. Thank you Larry! April 18, - Utah Listings have been loaded from H. More than new listings were uploaded.

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Rarity and pricing information were not loaded from the catalog. An electronic version, distributed on CD is available for those seeking more information. February 01, - Alabama State listings have been loaded.

These were provided by John Denham. Roy Wood wrote the английские токены Alabama Trade Tokens book in Wood, John Hudgins and John Denham have issued two supplements английские токены that time. There are no current plans to issue a new Alabamba catalog at this time, but all available listings have been included on this website.