Forex индикатор volume divergence, Индикаторы для нахождения дивергенции на графиках

I bring something really great to share!

forex индикатор volume divergence

Just a little bit of my story. I have been in the market for about 8 years, most of my operations are based on trend lines, Fibonacci and candle patterns in the 5min and 15min T. During that time as is the case with most I believe, I have always tried to develop systems to optimize my trading.

Volume Divergence Explanation (Brief)

You will see why! Because with a good EA we can look to several Pars and several timeframe and sure we get a good number of oportunity in a week.

Стрелочный индикатор Force-Volume-Divergence: комплексный подход к трейдингу

And if looking for signals with renko charts, better. The зарабатывать н евыходя из дома is pretty simple and use conventional indicators so I forex индикатор volume divergence its easy to code, but I cant code myself.

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  • Стрелочный индикатор Force-Volume-Divergence базируется на 3-х основных составляющих, которые профессиональные трейдеры всегда используют в торговых системах.
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  • Custom Force-Volume-Divergence Indicator is based on 3 main significatives, that professional traders always use in trading systems.
  • Данное сочетание позволяет находить точки входа в рынок не стандартным методом, а значит у трейдера есть некоторое преимущество.
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The idea behind the system is this: We all hear that the trend is our friend and the best way to forex индикатор volume divergence the market going in our favor. We also know that it is often difficult to determine if the price will only retrace or will have a total reversal. So, to help us determine whether we are facing a retrace or a reversal, we will use a volume indicator to look for divergences with the price and thus determine the strength of this opposite movement.

forex индикатор volume divergence

The indicator is OBV. I know, I know. The volume in forex is not real, but still this system Works forex индикатор volume divergence a tick volume chart. I use this system for the index and future dollar market forex индикатор volume divergence on the Brazilian stock exchange and it works perfectly since the volume data is real.

Divergence Dashboard — определяем дивергенцию на автомате

And the system work even better with Renko charts, but we have to be really speddy to catch some movements. Then the EA would be a great help to catch them.

forex индикатор volume divergence

So if someone could code an EA for the MT5 would be great, since this way we could use this system in an environment where we have the actual data of the volume and so the system would have an even greater assertiveness. But as I say before, the system work in Forex witj tick volume too and we could get the forex Pars in MT5 too.

Индикаторы для нахождения дивергенции на графиках В этом материале собраны индикаторы, которые помогут трейдеру находить дивергенцию в автоматическом режиме.

In the OBV indicator we will place these same averages, but based on the indicator itself and not the closing price of the candle. Here is the hearth of the system. We put forex индикатор volume divergence EMAs using the indicator data.

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I like to leave the line of the OBV invisible to facilitate the identification of the divergences. And we then see if the same happen in the OBV window. If not, than we can enter the trade.

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So we will have 2 signals. The stop is a few pips behind the last top or bottom of the last 5 candles.

Дивергенция — это расхождение направления движения цены с направлением движения индикатора. Дивергенция дает понимание того, как в дальнейшем поведет себя рынок. Образование дивергенции чаще всего сигнализирует о том, что тренд уже достиг своего пика и, хотя на графике этого еще не заметно, вот-вот развернется в обратном направлении.

And the target at least or more. With this setup we can expect great signals.

forex индикатор volume divergence

Since there we could spot some excelent trades in stocks and future markets using renko charts. Note: When using renko I still use the HeikenAshi to get the trigger candle.